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Let me introduce Rosie Mashale. She is a humble woman from South Africa who, among many other things, built an orphanage and a kindergarden in Khayelithsa, a very poor township near Cape Town.
Her life purpose is to help others. But now her whole organization is struggling and she needs our help.
In 2017, Rosie Mashale was nominated by CNN for “best heroes in the world” and she was placed among the top 10 nominees.
Rosie – who is known as “Mama Rosie” – earned this well-deserved place for her tireless efforts to help the AIDS orphans. She also built a hospice and a soup kitchen for those who cannot feed themselves. 
Interview from CNN with Mama Rosie: https://edition.cnn.com/2017/12/08/world/gallery/2017-cnn-hero-rosie-mashale/index.html
Videoclip about Mama Rosie: https://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2017/09/07/cnn-heroes-mashale-mixed.cnn
The Covid19 pandemic unfortunately resulted in substantial setbacks for her organization: loss of donations, lack of tourists, companies that were forced to downsize and thus withdraw their support, to name a few…
As our charity “Themba Labantu e.V.” has been supporting Mama Rosie for years, we want to stand by her side through these difficult times and do everything possible to help put the organization back on a stable financial basis.
For this we need your help.

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Themba Labantu e.V.

Themba Labantu e.V.
Register-Nr.: VR 18381

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